Lorraine Santoli, CEO & Chief Profiler

Lorraine Santoli spent her marketing and PR career working for Mickey Mouse. She launched her career with Disney as a motion picture and television publicist coordinating the public relations efforts of numerous Disney movies and television shows. After six years, she moved into the theme park arena working in Publicity at Disneyland for another six-year run and then returned to Disney Corporate headquarters where she was named Director of Corporate Synergy.  In that role she managed all marketing communications for the entire Walt Disney Company and its sixty independent business segments, a position she held for a decade. 

Because the global organization was so large and complex she decided she could motivate more divisions to synergize with each other by first educating the company about the company itself. And so the first pocket profile, called The Walt Disney Company Overview Booklet, was developed.  Even at Disney, many executives were unfamiliar with all the business segments falling under the umbrella corporation. How can one synergize across businesses without knowing all the players on the field? The Overview Booklet was a smashing success and became one of the most used marketing tools among thousands of executives in the company. It was a concept she knew that one day she would take further. 

After a 22-year Disney career, she left the company in 2000.  She then served as the Executive Director of The Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases for several years.  Returning to New York (her hometown), she created Santoli Communications, a Marketing, Public Relations and Synergy consultancy. She also became a public speaker talking to organizations large on small about Disney marketing and synergy.  Santoli is also a well-established writer, having written hundreds of press releases, feature articles, bios, fact sheets and more, as well as being a four-time published book author. Santoli's most current book “Inside the Disney Marketing Machine," is available, along with the others, on Amazon.com. 

Always eager to bring new ideas to life, Santoli recently created Fingerprintz Pocket Profiles, fulfilling her desire to extend her original concept for not only large companies like Disney but scaled to include the most appropriate details for small companies as well. Developed in the same spirit as the original, Fingerprintz's Pocket Profiles offers the opportunity to showcase businesses of all sizes, their services and divisions, giving back programs, successes, statistics, client lists, testimonials, fun facts, in addition to including messages from staff all in one compact little book.  All Fingerprintz Pocket Profiles are researched and written by Santoli. With vast business and writing experience, she will bring your business story to life in your own Fingerprintz Pocket Profile.  

Establishing a Business Fingerprint With Style

The Pocket Profile will become your most useful marketing tool, in fact the face of your business.  It is a beautifully produced little book, designed specifically for your company, that showcases everything about your business that you would like people to know. And it fits right in your pocket or purse.