What are Fingerprintz Pocket Profiles?

The Little Book That Tells it All

Have you ever tried to tell the whole story of your business in one brochure? Such marketing pieces are usually designed to highlight certain aspects of your organization and what you do. Maybe you have several brochures that focus on different aspects of your organization. But where is the one marketing tool that tells your whole company story detailing services, successes, statistics, client lists, testimonials, giving back programs, interesting facts, personal profiles and more, in an easy to digest format with all the information in one place? Introducing Fingerprintz Pocket Profile, the little book that tells it all.   

Educate Your Clients and Colleagues

Often clients, and even your own employees, don't grasp the scope of your total organization or its spectrum of services. Knowledge is power and awareness of each spoke in the company wheel expands opportunities, breaks down organizational silos, and exponentially contributes to greater success. Fingerprintz Pocket Profiles provides the solution to educating clients, employees, and colleagues of all stripes. Compiled and written by Fingerprintz's Chief Profiler and company owner, Lorraine Santoli, who is a former Disney marketing and PR executive and professional writer, each little book is tailored to individual businesses and designed to showcase your company in the most successful light as well as engaging the reader in a story.    

Your Total Business Fingerprint Right in Your Pocket or Purse

The Fingerprintz Pocket Profile is compact, professionally designed in full-color, digitally printed on glossy heavyweight stock and sized at approximately 3.8" x 7.1".  It includes from eight to twenty-four pages and is created to fit into suit or shirt breast pockets, inner pockets and fits in most any purse to carry around for "on-the-spot" promotion. Distribute them to clients, potential clients, on sales calls, or to anyone who has an interest in your business. Each Fingerprintz Pocket Profile is also available in a digital version to share, download to your website, add to your mobile and tablet devices and keep on your desktop.    Start educating, motivating and engaging your clients, colleagues, and even your own employees with a Fingerprintz Pocket Profile. It's handy, readable, and savable. This little book will make your business shine.  

The Little Book That Will Reveal Your Total Business Identity

Fingerprintz Pocket Profiles detail all aspects of your company and showcase them in the most positive light.  The copy is written by a professional writer and former Hollywood studio publicist who will weave an all-inclusive story of your business and its services.  It will be readable, savable, and unique to your organization.  And it's small enough to carry around in your pocket or purse.

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