What's Included

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Print Edition

Print edition measures 3.875" x 7.125."  It is specifically sized to fit into a jacket breast pocket, inner pocket, or ladies purse.  Digitally printed on glossy heavyweight cover and text stock, the "little book" that tells all about your business features text and full-color imagery.  Length is from eight to 24 pages.

Digital Edition

PDF file featuring the same "little book" layout as the print edition.  Can be integrated into your website, blog, and  social media.

Print Edition + Digital Edition Package

Includes both print edition and digital edition for both the "hold-in-your-hand" edition and the online version.

Print Quantities

Fingerprintz Pocket Profile print editions may be ordered in quantities of 100, 500, 1,000, 2500, or 5,000 copies.  Larger orders are welcomed as well.

Digital File

Fingerprints Pocket Profiles digital file will be uploaded and available to purchasers via online download.

Dual Package

Fingerprintz Pocket Profiles print + digital edition package will combine both editions at a cost savings vs. purchasing each separately.